Give an experience as a gift

Bondegårdsferie, middag eller familieweekend.

Do you know someone who should have a different gift, then it could be a stay in the country. We are located right in a butter hole on East Funen, not far from Egeskov Castle, Odense, Svendborg or Nyborg.

Gavekortet kan bruges til alle vores oplevelser. Fx bondegårdsferie, en middag eller et afslappende familieweekend.

Write to us at and order a gift card.

Kulinariske Kildegaarden has a collaboration with Smartbox. On the Smartbox website you can see which stays and dates can be chosen. You book on Smartbox booking system. Only Kildegaarden's own gift cards can be used during the summer holidays, autumn holidays and public holidays.

Ønsker du at bruge dit Smartbox gavekort i disse perioder, kan vi modregne værdien minus 20 % i administration.

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