If you have the party and the guest, we can do the rest.

-Keep your event with us. We handle the food, the table setting and the cleaning.

Grupper på min. 20 personer kan holde selskab hos os. I er helt private, når I holder selskab på Kulinariske Kildegaarden. Vi har kun 1 lokale. Vi sørger for maden, drikkevarer, bordækning og betjening. 3 retters menu med kaffe og småkager fra 450 pr. person.

The room is a converted horse stable where the old meets the modern in a charming building style. The old walls, windows and posts have been preserved, so that the room is cozy, but comfort is paramount with new interiors. Banquet room and kitchen are separated by a glass wall, which allows you to follow what is happening in the kitchen. If you want one long table, the room capacity is 26 people. For several people, the table arrangement is 6 single tables.

Call and have a casual chat. Tel: 60 79 74 68 or write to us with your wishes: info@kulinariske.dk

Parties over 26 people

can also be held at Kildegaarden. It can e.g. be a tent in the yard with buffet in the function room.

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