Confirmation- wedding- birthday

Receptions up to 200 people.

3-course menu or buffet

The chef is happy to help with suggestions for the menu. You can also put together a menu based on your own wishes. We make both buffet and plate dishes as well as tapas. Book a meeting at or call 60797468.

Choose buffet or 3 dishes served on the plate. We can assist throughout the event and arrange for the filling and clearing of the buffet or serve the food on plates.

We also make buffets alone. Get a non-binding offer based on your wishes.

Buffet contains 3 kinds of meat, 2 kinds of potatoes, 3 exciting salads with toppings, bread and dressings. Everything is homemade from the best ingredients. We shop locally and grow our own vegetables and herbs in our own garden. 

Delicate tapas for receptions up to 200 people.

Both hot and cold delicious tapas dishes for standing receptions.

We have over 20 different ones to choose from.

Send os en mail og få en liste over udvalget til: